Premium Bison Rawhide

$ 15.95

  • 100% Natural – No Antibiotics, No Hormones… so You Know Your Dog is Getting "Natures Best Rawhide"
  • Brightens & Cleans Teeth for Good Dog Dental Health
  • May be Suitable for Dogs with Allergies so Your Dog Can Enjoy Without Worry
  • Great Taste!


Our Bison Rawhides are all made from American Bison that are ranch raised, primarily on family farms. These ranchers never use hormones or antibiotics on these Bison. They graze on the pesticide free prairies of the north and west - we know exactly where they come from. All this means that you can rest assured that your dog is getting only the best rawhide, without any harmful hormones or antibiotics passed along.

Dental Health

Chewing rawhide not only satisfies your dog’s chewing need, but also helps to brighten and clean teeth - naturally!


If your dog has had allergic reactions to traditional beef rawhide chews, these Bison rawhides may allow your special dog to once again enjoy rawhide.

Please supervise your pet with rawhides and provide plenty of fresh, clean water.  .