HOOFix® Protection Hoof Pads - SALE on ULTIMATE Hoof Pads ! Originally $24.95...Now ONLY $12

$ 24.95 $ 12.00

  • Reduces Impact by 80%
  • Promotes Healing & Healthy Hoofs
  • Made with High-Performance Cellular Elastomers

"We use HOOFix Protection Hoof Pads in our practice on horses with sore hooves and on laminitic horses. Unlike some of the other pads we’ve tried, the HOOFix pads are denser and really provide good cushioning to make the horses more comfortable."  Robert Ball, DVM, Bracken Equine Clinic

Reduces Impact by 80% *

HOOFix Ultimate Protection Pads have been extensively tested and proven to reduce impact up to 80%!  Made with high-performance cellular elastomers, Ultimate Protection Pads deliver unsurpassed shock absorption.  Our Protection Hoof Pads rebound when your horse lifts its hoof, providing continuous shock absorption and comfort with each stride.  Specifically designed for high performance suspensions, our HOOFix Protection Pad material is used by NASCAR.


Promotes a Healthy Hoof:

HOOFix Protection Hoof Pads enhance the natural flexing of the frog & speed blood flow in the hoof.  The high resiliency of the Protection Pads provide energy return to assist in break over, helping your horse’s hoof function with less stress & strain --- for a healthier hoof.  And unlike open cell foam pads, Protection Pads will not readily absorb moisture.


HOOFix Protection Hoof Pads are among the most durable pads on the market. Our specialty pad material is used in orthopedic & prosthetic medical devices, where its demonstrated reliability is so great that they are guaranteed for 2 million steps!   You can buy less expensive pads and regularly replace them or make an investment in HOOFix Protection Hoof Pads.  Purchase the HOOFix Protection Pad and provide continued relief to your horse.