HOOFix Emergency Boot --  SALE !!  .....................Regular price $29.95 / $33.95,  now just $19.99

HOOFix Emergency Boot -- SALE !! .....................Regular price $29.95 / $33.95, now just $19.99

$ 33.95 $ 19.99

  • All-Fabric, Lightweight Hoof Boot
  • Non-Skid Bottom 
  • East On-Off with Velcro Tabs
  • Perfect for Hoof Dressing Coverage
  • This boot is lightweight, flexible, and breathable.  It provides a covering for the hoof along with a skid resistant sole and is reusable.  


The HOOFix Emergency Boot has many uses:

  • Keeps medications in place
  • Keeps the hoof clean
  • Protects the hoof if a shoe is lost

* The HOOFix Emergency Boot in included in the HOOFIx Abscsess Kit (in either black or brown)


Vet & farrier recommended.

 "In my equine podiatry practice, I have found the HOOFix Emergency Boot to be very beneficial in the treatment and maintenance of a variety of hoof problems. The boot is quick, easy to put on the foot, wears well, is secure and provides a skid resistant bottom. Nice product."     Stephen E. O'Grady, DVM, MRCVS, Northern Virginia Equine

"Your HOOFix Boot for horses is the best protective boot I have used. My practice consists largely of hoof and lameness problems so I find frequent uses for your product. I have found it to be very durable, comfortable for the horse, and easy to use. Thanks for a great product!"    P.S. When I asked my associates for their comments they simply said "HOOFix boots rock!"    Julie Grohs, DVM, Alaska Equine


Flexible Sizing:

Size does not have to be exact.  Fits both before & after a trim. See our sizing chart here


Note that the boot may be Black or Brown in color.