HOOFix® Boots

Lisa S.

"I wanted to tell you how your HOOFix boots have given one of our horses a new lease on life. Speedy, a TB mare has always had terrible feet. We have managed to keep shoes on her but the summer dryness played havoc and she has no foot left. We can't even put glue on shoes because of how she lands. I put your boots on her two days ago and it has helped tremendously."

Julie Grohs, DVM - Alaska Equine

"Your HOOFix Boot for horses is the best protective boot I have used. My practice consists largely of hoof and lameness problems so I find frequent uses for your product. I have found it to be very durable, comfortable for the horse, and easy to use. Thanks for a great product!"

P.S. When I asked my associates for their comments they simply said "HOOFix boots rock!"

Stephen E. O'Grady, DVM, MRCVS - Northern Virginia Equine

"In my equine podiatry practice, I have found the HOOFix Boot to be very beneficial in the treatment and maintenance of a variety of hoof problems. The boot is quick, easy to put on the foot, wears well, is secure and provides a skid resistant bottom. Nice product."

Ilka Wagner, DVM - Equine Veterinary Services

“I also use the HOOFix Boot in my practice.  It's a great cover-up for a bandaged foot, increases the longevity of the wrap and my clients comment on how easy it is to use."

Lloyd P. Tate Jr., VMD - Professor of Equine Surgery NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

"In regards to the HOOFix Boot, I have used them for almost a year on horses recovering from anesthesia. I strongly believe they have prevented significant slippage of horses placed in a recovery stall attempting to rise. I credit them in reducing trauma and assisting in making the recovery process less stressful and safer."

Katja - Horse and Harmony, UK

"Thanks & Thanks (-: Thought I’d give you a little feedback – one of my horses suffers, on occasion, from hoof abscess. It was always a real problem to keep him turned out whilst protecting the hoof as nothing stayed on. Have used your HOOFix boot last time he suffered (I know it is for stable use really). He got turned out with the boot for 6 weeks, stayed on beautifully and only started to tear at the end! Absolutely fantastic!"

Kristine F.

"My horse grinds away a traditional duct tape wrap in a couple hours.  Now I do a traditional wrap and cover it with the HOOFix boot for added protection from wear. The wrap will stay in place for 2-3 days including light turn out in a hospital paddock. My first boot has lasted 2 years, treating 2 horses through 4 episodes of abscess.  I just ordered the tougher HOOFix boot as its replacement."

HOOFix Abscess Kit

Ilka Wagner, DVM - Equine Veterinary Services

"My own yearling came down with a foot abscess a few days after receiving your HOOFix Abscess Kit – it worked great !  The kit contained everything I needed and the abscess resolved within 48 hours of application.”

Stuart Scheinberg, DVM - Animal Medical Hospital at Glenwood, Inc.

"We have been using the HOOFix Abscess Kit for approximately 7 years in our practice. Across the board, all of our doctors have been very pleased with the results. The Kits are especially helpful in situations where the horse is difficult to soak, or in situations where it is logistically difficult for the client to treat the horse daily.  I would definitely recommend your product for others to try."

Kathryn Ott, DVM - Equine/Small Animal Medical Center

"We have been using the HOOFix Abscess Kits for several years now. Here in Minnesota it is inconvenient and sometimes impossible to hot soak a hoof in the winter in an unheated barn. For our clients and ourselves, the HOOFix Abscess Kits have been extremely convenient and user friendly."

Ilka Wagner, DVM - Equine Veterinary Services

"My own yearling came down with a foot abscess a few days after receiving your HOOFix Abscess Kit – it worked great !  The kit contained everything I needed and the abscess resolved within 48 hours of application.

I use the HOOFix Boot in my practice.  It's a great cover-up for a bandaged foot, increases the longevity of the wrap and my clients comment on how easy it is to use."

Winford S. Maset, DVM - West Virginia Equine Services

"Thank you very much for making the HOOFix Abscess Kit. It has been long overdue for the equine and veterinary industry. Its ease of use is both convenient and applicable for veterinarians and horse owners in the field. Keep up the good work."

Mark Donaldson, VMD, DACVIM - Unionville Equine

"The HOOFix Abscess Kit provides everything I need to quickly and effectively treat a hoof abscess. I always carry one in my truck".

Dr. Bimbo Welker, DVM, MS - Director, OSU Large Animal Service

"We started using the HOOFix Abscess Kit as a convenience item for our clients. Most clients are too busy or are reluctant to soak their horse's feet as frequently as we would like. This product takes it out of their hands. We also get the compliance we are looking for for soaking the feet with Epsom salt like we desire. The results we get are predictable"

Stephen T. Teichman, - USET Team Farrier

"The HOOFix Abscess Kit is the only product I've found that combines everything I use for the treatment of hoof abscesses or bruises."

Denise R. - Westview Farm

"I recently was away from my farm to attend a symposium in Kentucky. I received a call from my husband that one of my dressage horses was suddenly lame upfront. My husband is a support to me with caring for the horses but rarely gets involved with the hands-on medical care. Because I had the HOOFix Abscess Kit on hand for such emergencies, he just went to the cabinet and pulled out the box. Everything he needed was there for him to use. No guessing or searching around the barn as to where all my supplies were. When we spoke on the phone, I could tell he felt confident that he had what was needed to treat the abscess. My sense of relief was evident too. The instructions were clear, the supplies were top quality, the boot fit very well and the horse received the care he needed. This is definitely an item that needs to be on hand at everyone's farm to be used by the most experienced horseman as well as the novice. Makes life a lot easier for all involved."

Susan S.

"Whenever one of my horses would have an abscess, I’d have to go out and buy Epsom salts, wraps, some kind of boot and then hope all this would stay on. It usually wouldn’t. HOOFix Abscess Kit has everything I need to treat the abscess. I especially like the easy to use boot that really stays on. The convenience of having everything I need to soak, wrap and protect the foot in the HOOFix Abscess Kit is a real time saver. I really like the product and will always keep one in my tack room."

Rochelle C.

I wanted you to know that I will pass on how much I love your HOOFix boots and HOOFix Abscess Treatment Kit. I live in northern Michigan. We can have footing conditions change from frozen mud to deep snow to ice all in a week. This is the 3rd winter for abscesses in the same horse. He has the complication of having heaves. The barn where we board is heated indoors; nice for people, bad for a horse with heaves. Your product gave me an option, instead of keeping him indoors and compromising his breathing, I was able to keep him outdoors with the epsom salt solution secure on his foot... and the added protection the boot offered his foot. In fact, I put another boot on his good front foot just to help keep it that way. I can't believe how well they are holding up. Another caveat was that I had a 3 day stretch at work and it was impossible for me to get to the barn. My 16 year old daughter was able to add the water via syringe to his boot and give him his bute without my help.  After 10 days of misery, he now looks much better, but I'm keeping those boots on him until the winter grip breaks. Thank you so much for developing such a helpful product!

HOOFix Performance Pads

Robert Ball, DVM - Bracken Equine Clinic

"We use the HOOFix Protection Hoof Pads in our practice on horses with sore hooves and on laminitic horses. Unlike some of the other pads we’ve tried, the HOOFix pads are more dense and really provide good cushioning to make the horses more comfortable."

The HOOFix Hoof Sealer & Polish

Steven T. Teichman, - USET Team Farrier

"The HOOFix Hoof Sealer & Polish gives me everything I want in a Hoof sealer. I use it on all my clients' horses.  It does an excellent job of sealing nail holes and helps keep moisture in the hoof capsule. It doesn't turn white, won't chip and provides a natural look."

HOOFix Trail Boot

Lorraine - Horsenews.com

"As long as I have been trail riding, there have been horses on the trail that have lost a shoe…the worse thing is, there has not been a solution before now. I found this trail boot, a “carry on” boot that is very well made, is easy to take along on a trail ride, lightweight and compact yet strong enough to last on a rugged trail ride. If your horse loses a shoe, this is an easy fix and will be the perfect solution to get you back home or to the trailer without any further injury to his foot. I rode through water, mud and rough terrain for many hours and it never moved. It protected her hoof and never rubbed or caused any soreness. I took it off and put it back on to see how easy it was and the first time I did, it took less than 5 minutes to get it off , put it on and get back on to ride. Simple and easy, the way I like it! It’s always good to be prepared for any emergency and this is one way to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse."

Emma L. - Scotland, UK

I have had one of your HOOFix Trail boots for a while and it has been invaluable, and it came into it's own on Sunday. I was doing an endurance ride here in Scotland where I live when my lovely QH gelding pulled a shoe off coming down the hillside.  The going was varied from grassy slopes to heather and stoney tracks and a river crossing and boggy bits.  Luckily I always carry your boot with me on trail rides so I was able to use it along with padding I carry and my over reach boot helps keep it in place.  This enabled me to finish the ride and within time! It even went through a river! It is now on my horse while I await my farrier arriving to fit a new shoe and keeps him comfortable while in the pasture.  This is why I have ordered another one from you, they are easy to use unlike other boots and really are the spare tire to get you home and a bit more! And more importantly with a safe and sound horse!  Great product.

Bob M.

"I was recently about 6 miles back in rocky, hilly country when I had to remove a loose horseshoe. Fortunately, I've been carrying one of your HOOFix Boots on my saddle for a couple of years so I slipped it on the horse. After completing the 6 mile return trip (during which my horse never seemed to even notice the boot), I estimate at least half the life still remaining in the boot!!! I'm very impressed with your product! Even though I bought a replacement, I'll carry the old one as well since it's got lots of life remaining. "

Debra B. - Brooks Paints and Quarter Horses

"We were up on a rough mountain trail ride when my husbands horse tried to peel out and pop jump over a log. He slid and somehow lost a front shoe in the process. Now... my husband's horse is a tender foot....he was about 7 miles out from where the trailer was parked and it started out as a slow gimpy walk back. A friend with us had just recently purchased a HOOFix Emergency Trail Boot which he had in his saddle bags. We slid the boot onto the horse and rode off. The boot offered enough protection that my husband was able to ride him over rocks and through creeks rather than lead him back to camp. That was a tried and true test in all of our eyes, we immediately placed a large order for several boots. Thanks for your design!"

Joanna H.

"I ordered a pair of the HOOFix Trail Boots last week. I love them. They are absolutely wonderful! My horse has had sore front feet ever since an overzealous trimming job by an overzealous farrier in June. As soon as I put Vern's boots on and turned him out, he gave a happy buck and cantered away. THAT hasn't happened in months. Thanks for a wonderful product!"


HoneyKOOL Saddle Pads

“Ghlenlivet has shivers and gets sore muscles easily.  I have noticed with the saddle pad from Plum Shade, his soreness is significantly decreased!  It wicks moisture away from his back and doesn't let his back too hot or too cold.”  Kim Jones, US Para Dressage WEG Alternate 2010, Long Listed for 2012 London Paralympic Team

“When I first saw this pad I thought that the mesh seemed stiff & would irritate my mare.  But she was very comfortable in this pad.  She seemed more willing to go round & forward as the pad moved with her.  The amount of cushioning was just right…not too much, not too little.  And the pad didn’t slip!”  Michelle in PA

“The pad provided good air-flow & definitely helped to keep my horse cooler.” Leah in M

“Great wicking abilities, so my horse’s back was less wet & cooler.  & I love how quickly this pad dries after use & after washing!”  Chris in PA

“My first impression was, Wow this is REALLY different! And it is! With this pad I had even sweat patterns & my horses’ back dried quickly.  The pad seemed to help my saddle make better contact with my horses’ back & it didn’t slip…even when jumping.”  Susan in PA

This pad really keeps my horse’s back cooler & there is noticeably less sweat under the saddle.”  Sheri in IL     

“What an odd material for a saddle pad.  Looks like something to scrub pots.  Would my horse like it?  Yes!...cushioning is great & it reduces sweat buildup under the saddle”  Jane in MA         

”This pad is ideal for our very hot Arizona climate.  Although it appears thin, it provides great cushioning  & it kept my horse cooler than my regular pad.  I have round backed Welsh Cobs with no withers & the pad stayed firmly in place.”  Wendy in AZ

 “ I haul my horses every day to ride at a neighbors farm.   When I untack one horse & haul home to get the 2nd, if I use a cotton pad, the girth & saddle areas are both still damp when I get home.  When I use this pad, the girth area is wet, but the saddle area is already dry by the time I reach home.”   Pam in MD

 “Great News…A saddle pad that doesn’t slip while jumping...!  & it’s easy to clean, dries quickly & is very durable.”    Dot in FL

 “I used this pad on all types of horses /ponies . . .less slipping than my regular pad & super easy to wash/dry.” Lena in NJ            

 “I love this pad for hot weather riding”  Carmel in PA   

 “Under the saddle was dryer & my mare was cooler with this pad. The pad stays cleaner than any other pad I’ve ever used.”   Cheryl  in MI 

“Love how this pad keeps Nick’s back cool ..even in 113° temps! ..And how it conforms to his back.”  Cathryn in OK