Hoof Boot and Pad Sizing Chart

HOOFix®  Horse Hoof Boot, Performance Pad & Abscess Treatment Kit Sizing:

All HOOFix boots are fabric boots and flexible. They may vary slightly in size.

Boots and pads do not need to be an exact fit to your horse's hoof, but should be as close as possible to size. Better to be a little large than too small.
Approximate size of hoof boots: (in inches – width X length, measured straight across the boot)
Pony:  4 x 5
Regular:  5¾ x 6¾
Large:  6½ x 7⅛
Approximate size of Performance Pads: (in inches – width X length)
Pony:  3¾ x 4¾
Regular:  5¼ x 6   
Large:  6 x 6¾


If your horse wears shoe size

0000 000 00 0 1 2 3
 Abscess Kit  Pony  Pony Pony Regular Regular Regular Large
 Comfy Boot  n/a n/a   n/a Regular Regular Regular Large
 Performance Pads Pony Pony Pony Regular Regular Regular Large