Dog Crate Testimonials

“I just want to email you and let you know that the crate did come yesterday and it is Beautiful!!! Memphis is loving it already! We are all very delighted with the crate. Thank you again for everything. The Crate is really beautiful!”  Valerie

“Both Sparky and Lucy’s ‘condos’ arrived last night; I just finished putting them together and
placing them in our dog / sitting room. They are exactly what we wanted; the size is identical to
their previous condos, the color is complementary to our other room furnishings, and the
wood / beveling / hardware is a definite step up from the vinyl mesh lattice of their previous
condos. Needless to say, I am very happy with the end result and the wait was worth it.”  Scott B.

“We received Claude's mahogany crate last week, it is just as beautiful as the first one. It
looks sooo much nicer than the wire cages.”  Cheryl Z.

“I am thoroughly delighted with the crate that I ordered from you. I want to thank you again
for your help in creating the custom size we needed and for attention to all the details that
make this dog crate a piece of furniture which I am pleased to have in my bedroom. Of course,
Bertie loves it too. When I head to the bedroom at night he runs ahead of me and happily trots
into his "nest" where he rests comfortably. The outside is treated like fine furniture -- an
occasional touch of furniture polish -- and the inside is easy to keep clean and smelling nice. All
in all, this was a great purchase and I'm only sorry that I didn't do it years ago for my other
dogs.”  Phyllis P.

“I hope these photos show off how beautiful the crates are ! Oh and the doggie loves them
too :-) she’s in there all the time (with the door open – now that she’s fully trained) but she
never seem to mind having the door closed either = she never barked, whined or chewed the
bars. I was so happy she appreciated the beauty of the crate from the start and left its beauty
intact :- D Now that she’s older she has a mattress and toys in there.”  Wayde G.

“The pet residence is an absolute work of art. April and I have never seen such a beautiful
piece of art.”  Brad R.

“Things are wonderful, thanks so much. I have received many comments on (the crate’s)
beauty, thanks again!!”  Brad L.

“As you can see, Foxie still loves her crate and is in it all the time. Thanks again for a great
looking piece of furniture. It really fits our life and our home so well.”  Vicki A.