HOOFix® Trail Boot

HOOFix® Trail Boot

$ 62.95

  • Protects Your Horse's Hoof so You Can Finish Your Ride Safely
  • Easy On, Easy to Carry
  • No Rub

"We were up on a rough mountain trail ride when my husband's horse tried to peel out and pop jump over a log. He slid and somehow lost a front shoe in the process. Now... my husband's horse is a tender foot....he was about 7 miles out from where the trailer was parked and it started out as a slow gimpy walk back. A friend with us had just recently purchased a HOOFix Trail Boot which he had in his saddle bags. We slid the boot onto the horse and rode off. The boot offered enough protection that my husband was able to ride him over rocks and through creeks rather than lead him back to camp. That was a tried and true test in all of our eyes, we immediately placed a large order for several boots. Thanks for your design!"  Debra Brooks, Paints and Quarter Horses

The HOOFix Trail Boot is the exact same boot as our Comfy Boot ...both included our HOOFix Protection Pad.  The Trail Boot includes a handy carrying pouch and hoof pick.


ECO sole is made with ground tires for skid resistance & durability. HOOFix Protection Hoof Pad inside rebounds with each stride.  Unsurpassed shock absorption.  Exceptional cushioning.  Super protection for your horse’s hoofs.


All fabric & fully flexible Comfy Hoof Boot.  Hurricane fabrics in front for strength. Neoprene back for softness & stretch.  Breathable, cushioned, & lightweight.  Total comfort for your horse.  No klunky, heavy, molded bottom.

Easy On/Off:

Double industrial-strength Velcro® for superior holding power.  This boot stays on.  Fast, easy to put on & take off in an emergency.

Flexible Sizing:

Size does not have to be exact.