SALE! -- HOOFix® Comfy Boot with Pad. .....Only $45 !! Originally $59.95 /$69.95

$ 69.95 $ 45.00

  • Lightweight, Flexible Stretch, All-Fabric
  • HOOFix Protection Pad Inner Sole for Cushion & Protection
  • No Hard, Uncomfortable Molded Rubber
  • ECO Sole with Ground Tires for Traction & Durability

You asked for a comfortable hoof boot for your horse.  A boot that is flexible, breathable & lightweight, protects the hoof, doesn’t rub and is skid resistant & durable. That’s a big order. But we listened and delivered.  

The Comfy Boot is the most comfortable hoof boot … a breakthrough in hoof comfort and protection.  Vet & farrier recommended.


All fabric & fully flexible HOOFIx Comfy Boot.


ECO outer sole is made with ground tires. HOOFix Protection Hoof Pad inside rebounds with each stride.  Unsurpassed shock absorption. Exceptional cushioning.  Super protection for your horse’s hoofs.


ECO sole is made with ground tires for skid resistance & durability. Surefooted & confident, at turnout or under saddle.

Easy On/Off:

Double industrial-strength Velcro® for superior holding power.  This boot stays on.   Fast, easy to put on & take off --- stress free for you & your horse.

Promotes Healthy Hoofs:

Breathable, virtually indestructible Hurricane fabrics, plus breathable Neoprene.  A healthy environment for a healthy hoof.

Flexible Sizing:

Size does not have to be exact.  Fits both before & after a trim. See our sizing chart here

The HOOFix Comfy Hoof Boot with HOOFix Protection Hoof Pad  has many uses:

  • Protects sore & tender hoofs
  • Keeps medications in place & the hoof clean
  • Protects the hoof if a shoe is lost
  • Cushions the hoofs during shipping
  • Provides pain relief for horses with laminitis / founder
  • Eases the transition to barefoot
  • Provides protection for barefoot horses when needed

Always keep one in your barn!