HOOFix® Abscess Kit with Reusable Boot

$ 54.95

  • Proven Effective Epsom Salt Poultice Draws Bacteria from the Hoof
  • Everything Needed to Treat a Hoof Abscess
  • Reusable, Non-Skid Boot is Good for Turnout


"My own yearling came down with a hoof abscess. I used your HOOFix Abscess Kit - it worked great! The kit contained everything I needed and the abscess resolved within 48 hours of application. I also use the HOOFix Boot in my practice. It's a great cover-up for a bandaged foot, increases the longevity of the wrap and my clients comment on how easy it is to use." Ilka Wagner, DVM, Equine Veterinary Services


The HOOFix Abscess Kit with turnout boot provides everything needed to effectively treat a horse hoof abscess. Medical grade Epsom Salt Gel is a proven osmotic that draws out bacteria from the hoof and our special system keeps the medication on the hoof so your horse can heal faster. It is the most effective hoof abscess treatment system on the market.

Reduces Stress

The HOOFix Abscess Kit reduces the pain and suffering of your horse and eliminates the stress you experience when treating a hoof abscess the old fashioned way. No need to change every day to maintain effectiveness, like other products. Each application can be left on for two to three days, providing up to twelve days of treatment.

Maintains Physical & Mental Health

The HOOFix Abscess Kit with the reusable hoof boot allows you to turn your horse out and not restrict him to stall rest, so he stays happy and healthy. The hi-tech sole of the HOOFix Emergency Boot incorporates ground-up tires for skid resistance and durability so your horse is surefooted and confident in his stride. The lightly padded boot is flexible, lightweight and durable. Industrial-strength Velcro® tabs provide holding power, so the boot stays on, yet is easy to put on/take off. This hoof boot does not rub and is breathable, so it promotes a healthy environment for a healthy hoof for your horse.

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Product Details
Each Kit contains:

  • A HOOFix Emergency hoof boot (not a loose wrap) that is easy to put on, can be used for turnout and reused!  Note:color of boot may vary.
  • An Epsom salt soak bag for the initial soak to clean and start the healing process,
  • Medical grade Epsom salt poultice gel, an effective osmotic, to draw out bacteria from the abscess site and soothe sore or bruised hoofs,
  • Felt hoof pads (4), to ensure that the poultice is on the hoof and keeps working,
  • Applicators (4),
  • Cohesive flexible bandage rolls (2), and
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions, to make certain the most effective treatment protocol is followed to provide the best hoof abscess treatment for your horse.

Help your horse heal faster and order extra HOOFix Abscess Kits to keep in your barn and your trailer.

Product Demo Video

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