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Plum Shade Farm (PSF) began in 2003 when our Appaloosa, Sailor, had a hoof abscess. There had to be a better way! -- constant soaking, duct tape “boots” that didn’t last, diapers, loose poultice etc.   After 2 years of research and testing with vets, farriers and owners, we developed the HOOFix Abscess Treatment Kit.
PSF now offers horse hoof boots, hoof pads and other hoof care products designed to meet your horses’ hoof care needs. We’ve expanded our product line with beautiful custom wood dog crates.  All of our products are extensively field tested across the US with our vets, customers and their animals before they are offered to you.
Come explore our products.  Learn about the Plum Shade Farm family and how we can help you and your four legged family members.  We’re glad to have you visit!

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